CSI WB Branch was registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961 at Kolkata on 23rd Day of May 2001.

It was in 1946, an early summer evening, some of the doyens of Medicine in India were travelling by a train to Asansol in West Bengal to attend the State conference of the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

It was like any other summer evening in this part of the country, replete with clamour of men and women engaged in their livelihood, the whistle of the engine and the muttering of the wheels grinding against the track. Beyond the window one could see the roads that 'spread out like a tedious argument'. The evening was drawing in with the darkness descending like a 'patient etherized upon a table'. And then there were political instabilities round the corner. But nothing seemed to deter these gentlemen inside the compartment. For it was a historical moment and they were discussing formation of the Cardiological Society of Bengal. The Cardiological Society of Bengal was thus born on the 11th April, 1946 with Dr. B.C. Roy, the legendary physician (who later on became the Chief Minister of West Bengal) as its first President.

Two years passed by and on the 11th January, 1948, the eminent physicians of India met in Calcutta and decided to form a National Society of the Cardiologists. The decision was conveyed to all the physicians of India interested in Cardiology. The response was overwhelming. And thus the Cardiological Society of India (CSI) was born on the 4th April, 1948 at Calcutta, a long march to a glorious future was flagged off!

It is interesting to note that the CSI was established one year earlier than the formation of American College of Cardiology and the International Society & Federation of Cardiology (ISFC). The first Executive Committee Meeting of the CSI was held at Calcutta with Dr. B.C. Roy as the President, Dr. A.K. Bose, Dr. J.C. Gupta and Dr. K.S. Mathur of Agra as the joint secretaries. In the first few years of its existence the society received untiring services from Dr. U.P. Basu, Dr. A.K. Bose, Dr. J.C. Banerjee, Dr. R.J. Vakil (Mumbai), among others. The stalwarts who graced the prestigious post of the President of CSI in the early years were as follows : Dr. B.C. Roy of Calcutta (1948-1950), Dr. Sunil Chandra Bose of Calcutta (elder brother of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose) - 1951, Dr. U.P. Basu of Calcutta - 1952, Dr. (Col.) Amir Chand of Delhi - 1953, Dr. J.C. Banerjee of Calcutta 1954, Dr. R.J. Vakil, Mumbai 1955.

The first official conference of the CSI was held in 1950 at Calcutta in conjunction with the All India Medical Conference. It was in 1954 that the CSI decided to have its Annual Meeting along with that of the Association of Physicians of India (API). The second decade of its existence was a record of steady progress of the CSI with both membership and scientific activities growing immensely. The most important achievement at this stage was the successful organization of the 5th World Congress of Cardiology in 1966 at New Delhi under the leadership of Dr. S. Padmavati with Dr. K.K. Datey of Mumbai as the Chairman of the Organising Committee and Dr. D.P. Basu of Calcutta as the President of the CSI. The CSI continued having its Annual Meeting with API upto 1976. In the meantime the Silver Jubilee of CSI was held at Calcutta in 1973. During this period of 30 years, the organizational activities of the CSI, the membership strength, research work, scientific achievements – all had grown to a height that necessitated a separate conference for the Society.

The Scientific Council of the CSI is responsible for formation of various subcommittees to help the growth and development of different sub-specialties like, Preventive Cardiology, Rheumatic Heart Disease, Electrophysiology, Non-invasive Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, etc.

The Official Journal of the CSI, the India Heart Journal has its modest beginning in 1949 in Calcutta. The regular publication of the Journal; began in 1949 with Dr. J.C. Banerjee at its Hon. Editor. The Journal underwent much improvement in quality and get-up under the able editorship of Dr. Shantilal J. Shah of Mumbai who remained its Hon. Editor from 1971 to 1981. The Indian Heart Journal at present has achieved international standard and recognition.

The Cardiological Society of India is an active member of the International Society & Federation of Cardiology and Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology and also SAARC Society of Cardiology. The present membership strength of the Society including overseas members has reached three thousand four hundred. Every year the World Heart Day is observed at CSI HQ all other branches of CSI on the last Sunday of the month of September.

Cardiological Society of India has twenty four branches of its own spread all over the country. The Society has its own building now which has been constructed by the members of the Cardiological Society of India, West Bengal Chapter with their own contribution. Here free of cost Cardiological Consultation and ECG are being done twice a week. Facilities for Colour Doppler, Echo-Cardiography are provided 4-days a week by respected members of the Society at a nominal rate. Poor people are attending this regularly for their cardiac ailment.

We have a state-of-the-art seminar room (with in-built sound system and plasma TV) in the 2nd floor of Indian Heart House. Here seminars are held regularly. We also hold monthly clinical meetings in different hospitals in Kolkata. Peripheral CME’s are also organized in the districts. Financial help is given to needy cardiac patients requiring surgery from our benevolent fund. We have a Medical Library with good number of Cardiology & allied subject books. Our members and post graduate students can utilize the Library during office hours. We have on line access of a number of international journals.